How to Install Padel Court Posts and the Net

Padel post sets used today generally include posts together with a net tightening mechanism. As nets have standard measurements, therefore it is essential for posts to be installed so that the net can later be tightened at the required height.

The best way for installing padel net posts is after the construction of sub-base is complete and reinforced concrete belt around the perimeter finished. For more information please read TennisKit24 guide about a padel court sub-base construction “How to Make a Padel Court Sub-base“.

Keep in Mind Following Steps for Padel Net Posts Installation

  • Fix the posts during installation to the concrete belt with chemical or wedge anchor.
  • Keep in mind the distance between the centers of the posts. As the net has a standard length, then the distance must be correct. Otherwise, it is not possible to tighten the net sufficiently. The correct length of the net is 10100 mm, give or take 10 mm. With a larger gap, it is not possible to fix the net to the posts, and with a smaller gap, the net cannot be sufficiently tightened.
  • After the installation carefully tighten the padel net at the required height.
Padel Court Posts and Net Installation Drawing

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