How to Install Tennis Court Fencing

A fence is a necessary equipment on the tennis court. You can play tennis on a court without any fence, but it is uncomfortable.
Different options can be applied for building a fence around the court depending on the owner’s preferences and the budget. One of the most aesthetic and durable variants comprises a fence made of panels. TennisKit Court Fencing Sets are suitable for all types of standard dimension outdoor tennis courts. Also, the following court fencing installation instructions apply for all surfaces.

The advantages of the fence of the tennis court include as follows:

  • It prevents balls from being hit out of the court during the game.
  • Prevents the appearance of animals on the court.
  • Prevents leaves and waste being blown on the court.

It is relevant that the tennis court fencing is at least 3 meters high around the court in the places, where the balls are probably hit. Therefore, both shorter sides of the court are built at least 3 meters high. However, TennisKit24 recommends also that the longer sides within the range of the end of one panel (2,5 meters) are built minimum 3 meters high, too. In the case of longer sides, it is recommended to make the next gap between posts with a height of 2 meters. Further panels of the fence could be 1 meter high.

Tennis Court Fencing 3D Drawing

Tennis Court Fencing Must Have the Gates

The tennis court fencing must also have the gates – minimum one at least, two gates actually recommended. It is the best to install the gates in the middle of the longer side by the net posts. In this case, the distance is equal to be covered for fetching the balls hitted out from the court. The gate in the middle of the court disturbs the players the least when it is necessary to use the entrance during the game.

It is recommended to place the posts of the fence around the court inside the curbstone. In that way the fence panel fixed to the post remains above the curbstone. Therefore the tennis balls cannot roll over the curbstone in between the fence panel and the curbstone. Also, no natural grass grows in between the curbstone and the post. Otherwise it is impossible to cut the grass later due to the location of the panel.

There are Two Possibilities for the Installation of the Tennis Court Fencing:

Option 1

Posts of the fence are installed after the sub-base is constructed. In this case, the holes for posts have to be dug/drilled carefully to cause minimal damage to the court sub-base. In this case, the area around the posts has to be leveled and smoothed after the installation of the posts.

Option 2

The second variant is to install the posts of the fence before the installation of the curbstones during the construction of the sub-base. The advantage of this variant is that after the installation of the posts, the structure of the sub-base of the court can be finished, and it is not necessary to level out the surface later.

In the case of this option, the calculation of the height of the posts is a bit more complicated because no curbstones have been installed yet. Therefore the height marks of the surface of the court have to be marked and considered when calculating the height of these posts.

Take into the Account the Court Slope

The court slopes towards the shorter side (about 9-10cm), the slope has to be considered upon the installation of the posts. It is recommended to distribute the difference of the heights (10cm) of the shorter side (18.27 meters) between the posts equally.

Use the Concrete to Install the Fence Posts

The posts of the fence around the tennis court have to be installed by applying concrete so that the concrete part is at least as long as the metal part of the post under the ground, recommended even 30-40 centimeters longer.

The posts of the gate have to be installed the same way as the posts of the fence.

Fix the Fence Panels to the Posts

The fence panels are fixed to the posts by stainless steel brackets outside the posts. Upon the installation of the panels, keep in mind that panels are set so that the even edge of the panels is positioned upwards. This way there is no danger that a player who happens to run against the fence can get hurt by the edge of the panel.

Tennis Court Fencing Cross Section Drawing

Final Step of the Tennis Court Fencing Installation

When the panels have been fixed to the posts, and the gate has been installed, the fence is ready for use. If you wish, it is possible to order a windscreen to be attached to the fence at the ends of the court. A windscreen creates an even background for the players and the balls are easily visible. At the same time, the windscreen also protects against the wind to some extent.

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