six outdoor tennis courts

Tips for Choosing a Tennis Court Surface

Today, there is a wide range of modern tennis court surfaces available. When choosing the surface for your future tennis court, must certainly take climate, geographical location, personal preferences, and other decisive factors into account. Hence, TennisKit24 compiled an overview of the characteristics of different tennis court surfaces to help you find the most suitable surface.

Tennis ball on Advantage Red Court surface

Advantage Red Court – The Modern Clay Court

Nowadays, the world of tennis court surfaces is taking some significant groundbreaking steps. The modern surfaces are being developed to match all the players’ needs to make the game experience as enjoyable and comfortable. One of them is the Advantage Red Court surface - the latest addition to TennisKit24’s product range!  Advantage Red Court is one of the now trending innovative surfaces. It is the ultimate alternative to clay court! The benefits of this surface vary from all-weather usage to no...



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