Tennis Artificial Grass

3 Most Common Artificial Grass Mistakes

Artificial grass is widely known as one of the simplest options for tennis court surfaces. Compared to, for example, hard court or clay court, artificial grass makes the life of a court owner as easy as it can be. However, although this surface does not require much effort nor time and has numerous benefits, people often have deep misunderstandings about artificial grass. TennisKit24 gives you an overview of the 3 most common artificial grass mistakes we meet most frequently. Be...

autumn maintenance

Artificial Grass Tennis Court Maintenance in Autumn

Artificial grass tennis court maintenance is relatively easy and the requirements are not very strict. However, now, when autumn has officially arrived, it is important to do some preparations before winter. Artificial grass maintenance guidelines by TennisKit24 are based on expert knowledge as well as long-term experience about artificial grass courts.



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