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Tennis ball on Advantage Red Court surface

Advantage Red Court – The Modern Clay Court

Nowadays, the world of tennis court surfaces is taking some significant groundbreaking steps. The modern surfaces are being developed to match all the players’ needs to make the game experience as enjoyable and comfortable. One of them is the Advantage Red Court surface – the latest addition to TennisKit24’s product range! 

Advantage Red Court is one of the now trending innovative surfaces. It is the ultimate alternative to clay court! The benefits of this surface vary from all-weather usage to no requirement for watering.

The Benefits of Advantage Red Court

1. Identical Playing Characteristics to the Clay Court

Advantage Red Court is similar to the classic, traditional clay court both in appearance and playing characteristics. Therefore, it is like a more modern version of the clay court. However, the material of this surface is not clay, but a top-quality tennis artificial grass. A superb clay court experience is achievable by overfilling the artificial grass’s fibers with a 2-3mm thick layer of special ceramic sand. Hence, Advantage Red Court is an ideal option for players who love the characteristics of a clay court, sliding, and visible ball prints.

2. Low Maintenance

Advantage Red Court is a maintenance-friendly tennis court surface. Mostly thanks to its construction principle, especially compared to traditional clay. What’s most important – unlike traditional clay, there is no need for total reconstruction of the court each spring. Also, the court does not require watering! 

The maintenance consists of sweeping play lines’ excess infill and brushing the court to keep the infill evenly distributed and mobile – as on a classic clay court.

3. All-Weather Usage

Advantage Red Court surface offers a highly practical alternative to traditional clay court. However, it has the advantage of being available for near year round usage. Since the condition of this surface does not depend so much on the weather as a regular clay court does, it is possible to extend the playing hours and functionality of the court. Furthermore – you can use Advantage Red Court immediately after the rain! Hence, this characteristic highlights the similarity of the surface to other artificial grass tennis court surfaces.

The Construction of Advantage Red Court

The construction process of Advantage Red Court is relatively simple. First, the installation of loose laid stability mat takes place over a porous base. The mat is made of 12mm fibrillated polyethylene fibers yarn and is infilled with special ceramic sand infill. The basis material for infill is a high purity silica quartz sand with a naturally rounded shape. Also, this quartz sand is under high-temperature burning coated with a bright red color, resulting in very natural and bright-colored sand. 

In addition, the top of the stability mat has to be even with the perimeter edging level, which prevents wind from lifting the edges of the mat and allows rainwater to drain away from the court surface.

Order Your Court Already Today!

If you have been looking for an easy to maintain, body-friendly, and high-quality tennis court surface that is identical to clay court, then the Advantage Red Court is just for you! 

P.S. The new season is just around the corner. Therefore, now is the right time to start the tennis court construction process. Get familiar with the options offered by TennisKit24 here!

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