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Tennis player in Nike tennis apparel

4 Biggest Trends in Tennis Apparel in Summer 2021

Fashion has always been an essential part of tennis. All true tennis fans probably remember the fuss and attention regarding Andre Agassi’s legendary outfits. The white shorts and headband that always accompanied Björn Borg have also had a significant impact on today’s tennis fashion. If you are a tennis superstar, everyone watching the match will be making their tennis apparel orders when you walk on the court.

Tennis court resurfacing from asphalt to artificial grass

How to Do Old Tennis Court Resurfacing

We all have seen an abandoned tennis court - completely mossy, covered with debris, cracks in the field… It is sad to see a tennis court in a condition like that. So why not give the court a new life? In general, tennis courts do not remain in the same condition over 15-20 years. Therefore, a tennis court resurfacing can help to improve the situation. The aim is to find the tennis court as good as new!

six outdoor tennis courts

How to Choose a Tennis Court Surface

Today, there is a wide range of modern tennis court surfaces available. When choosing the surface for your future tennis court, must certainly take climate, geographical location, personal preferences, and other decisive factors into account. Hence, TennisKit24 compiled an overview of the characteristics of different tennis court surfaces to help you find the most suitable surface.

Tennis ball on Advantage Red Court surface

Advantage Red Court – The Modern Clay Court

Nowadays, the world of tennis court surfaces is taking some significant groundbreaking steps. The modern surfaces are being developed to match all the players’ needs to make the game experience as enjoyable and comfortable. One of them is the Advantage Red Court surface - the latest addition to TennisKit24’s product range!  Advantage Red Court is one of the now trending innovative surfaces. It is the ultimate alternative to clay court! The benefits of this surface vary from all-weather usage to...

Filming a girl playing tennis with a camera to get tennis tips from coaches.

Tennis Tips from the Best Players in the World

Imagine how your tennis would improve if you had world-class coaching and tennis tips from the best in the world? A lot of players will watch YouTube videos in the hope of improving their tennis. While it can help fix some errors, there is a reason why the best players always have coaches. By watching online videos, you get the idea of how your shots should look but not what you are doing wrong and the exact mistakes you are...

artificial grass tennis shoe

How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass Tennis Shoe

Selecting the right footwear for each tennis court surface is crucial. In terms of artificial grass tennis courts, the right tennis shoes are essential if you want to play well on that surface. The wrong shoe can do you a lot of damage and leave you more at risk of ending up with an injury. Furthermore, shoes can determine the fate of your match. Who would want to lose the game because of the wrong shoes! To avoid such...

autumn maintenance

Artificial Grass Tennis Court Maintenance in Autumn

Artificial grass tennis court maintenance is relatively easy and the requirements are not very strict. However, now, when autumn has officially arrived, it is important to do some preparations before winter. Artificial grass maintenance guidelines by TennisKit24 are based on expert knowledge as well as long-term experience about artificial grass courts.

tennis court net

How to Choose Tennis Court Net and Posts

The tennis court net is a crucial part of both the court and the game itself. Although the net is the least liked part of the tennis court for many players for understandable reasons, it is not possible to play tennis without the net. The tennis court net consists of two parts: the net itself and side posts.

Kid on a Red Artificial Grass Tennis Court Collects Tennis Balls into the Bucket

Tennis for Kids: 3 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Play Tennis

Tennis is a sport that can be practiced for a lifetime. Tennis has a lot of benefits that all contribute to your overall health and well-being. However, tennis for kids is especially useful in the matter of both the mental and physical development of our next generation. For that reason, we made a list of 3 reasons why your kids should play tennis.

Blue Artificial Grass Surface Tennis Court Installed on a Beautiful Countryside

5 Benefits of Artificial Grass Tennis Court

Today, there is variety of tennis court surfaces to choose from. Climate, geographical location, personal preferences and other factors should be taken into account when making the decision. However, one of the best options is artificial grass that is specially produced for tennis courts. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular mostly because of the advantages of the material over other tennis court surfaces. So what are the benefits of artificial grass?



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