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3 Most Common Artificial Grass Mistakes

Artificial grass is widely known as one of the simplest options for tennis court surfaces. Compared to, for example, hard court or clay court, artificial grass makes the life of a court owner as easy as it can be. However, although this surface does not require much effort nor time and has numerous benefits, people often have deep misunderstandings about artificial grass. TennisKit24 gives you an overview of the 3 most common artificial grass mistakes we meet most frequently. Be sure to avoid them!

1. All Artificial Grass Is The Same

First of all – no. A specific product is made for each sport, whether it is tennis, football, or golf. The criteria are pretty different for football than for tennis. When the essential details for football grass are surface elasticity and rolling of the ball, the crucial factors regarding tennis grass ball bounce and speed. When building a tennis court, You have to make sure that the artificial grass used is for tennis. Otherwise, the playing characteristics will not be correct.

The proper tennis artificial grasses are low with a length of 9-20mm. If someone offers artificial grass with a longer leaf, it is important to be careful and make sure that it is still a tennis product. The higher-quality tennis court artificial grasses are manufactured in special kits from the very beginning – Tennis Kits. The size of a tennis kit corresponds to the standard dimensions of a tennis court (18,27×36,57m). As a rule, You can be sure that it is the right product.

2. All Tennis Artificial Grass Is The Same

Not really. This might be the most popular misunderstanding among the common artificial grass mistakes. As in other areas, the tennis court construction world also has its market leaders, strong quality brands, and, on the contrary, products of dubious value. It is recommended to use a well-known brand in its field: in this case, artificial grass production.

From a technical point of view, there are many artificial grass feature indicators, but the easiest is to compare the length of grass leaves and weight. If the grass is of low length and a higher weight per square meter, more material has been used in production. This also shows better quality. High-quality 10mm grass weighs over 2400g/per square meter. If there is less material, then the product is also not as durable and wears faster at the same usage. 

You can also assess the quality of tennis artificial grass based on whether the product has an ITF certificate or not. A lower-price artificial grass may not be ITF certified, but a higher quality and the more expensive product must have it. The ITF certificate is also a guarantee that it is a good and correct product. 

3. Artificial Grass Tennis Court Surface Does Not Need Maintenance

Simply not true. All tennis court surfaces need maintenance, including hard courts. However, due to the development of technology, artificial grass tennis court surfaces require very little maintenance. Still – low maintenance does not mean no maintenance.

Daily, it is just essential to keep the court clean of trash and debris. Once a year, usually in spring, it is advised to do more thorough maintenance by brushing the court. Regular maintenance ensures a longer lifetime for the court.

Thinking About Getting a New Tennis Court Surface Installed?

If you read through the list, You’re already halfway towards Your new artificial grass tennis court! Just be sure not to make any of the previously mentioned artificial grass mistakes. And with the surface: we in TennisKit24 can always help you out!

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  • Patrick Harrison Reply

    Is it possible to build an artificial grass tennis court over a septic field?
    Will this playing surface affect the function of the field?

    04/07/2021 at 22:02

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