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Building a Tennis Court: 3 Things to Consider

Building a private tennis court sounds appealing to most tennis players. Who would not be delighted by the opportunity of being able to play on a court that is always available and waiting for You! However, some things need to be taken into account. TennisKit24 draws attention to three aspects You should consider during tennis court construction planning.

What Should I Think About When Planning the Tennis Court Construction?

Planning Aspect #1 – My Commitment to Tennis

First, You need to consider your commitment to tennis. Before You decide to build a private court, think about how much You plan to play on Your court. Ask Yourself how much You like tennis, because if You plan to play, for example, only once a year, there is not much point in building a private court. At the same time – if You do have Your court, You certainly will start to play more often. Additionally, You will also attract friends, acquaintances, and neighbors to the court.

Another option is to build a tennis court for the whole community to share – this allows to divide costs. Furthermore, the court is worth it since there will always be playing partners.

Planning Aspect #2 – The Location of the Court

Another factor You need to consider during tennis court construction planning is the location of the court. Do You have enough land where a tennis court with dimensions of 18,27 m x 36,57 m fits? Also, another critical aspect – the roads leading to Your court need to be accessible to transport all the materials. If the location of Your court can not be accessed, building a tennis court might get complicated.

When thinking about the potential location of the court, the weather arcs also need to be considered. If possible, the court should be constructed in the direction of east-west, not north-south. Why? Because the sun’s position to the players is better since You don’t have the sun shining into your eyes all the time. It is also important to remember that the strong wind might start disturbing the game when the court is located in a devoid area.

Planning Aspect #3 – The Surface of the Court

Finally, it’s time to choose the surface of the court. You should think about which surface You like the most and Your budget. To help You choose, TennisKit24 has an article about the aspects of different surfaces. Although a hard court might be Your absolute favorite, building a tennis court of this surface is difficult. Furthermore, the price of a hard court in comparison to other surfaces is remarkably high.

The artificial grass tennis court is one of the most popular options in the case of private courts, mainly because of its price. However, easy construction and maintenance of artificial grass tennis courts are also important factors. The artificial grass tennis court construction only consists of two parts – the sub-base construction and artificial grass installation. The maintenance of the court also does not need much effort since artificial grass tennis court needs more thorough maintenance only once a year, in spring. Also, with the help of artificial grass, it is possible to restore old courts that are in poor condition by giving them a new life.

Got Answers To All Questions? Then Order Your Artificial Grass Tennis Court Today!

If You have found solutions for all these points, You can start building a tennis court today! Now is the best time for that since the beginning of the season is getting closer. Get familiar with the TennisKit24 artificial grass selection here.

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