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How to Choose Tennis Court Net and Posts

The tennis court net is a crucial part of both the court and the game itself. Although the net is the least liked part of the tennis court for many players for understandable reasons, it is not possible to play tennis without the net. The tennis court net consists of two parts: the net itself and side posts. 

The type of tennis court net that suits your court depends on many factors. How often do you plan to play on your court? What type of court is it, in terms of the surface? How long is the playing season? All those questions influence your decision. However, TennisKit24 offers you the best options for both private and tennis club courts.

The installation of a tennis court net and posts is one of the easiest parts of the overall tennis court construction. If you are going to do it yourself, we advise you to get familiar with our instruction guide or watch the video tutorial.

How to Choose a Tennis Court Net?

Tennis nets are usually made of braided net cord material. At the top of the net, a metal cable covered with a white band connects the net to side posts. 

Double netting at the top

When making a decision, we advise choosing a net with a double layer of braiding that covers the upper six rows of the net. Since most of the balls struck exactly the top part of the net, double braiding helps to reinforce this area, as well as extend the lifetime of the net. 

3.5mm braided net – TennisKit24 guarantee!

Tennis court nets also have different netting options. The most common types are:

  • 2.2mm twisted
  • 2.5mm twisted
  • 3.5mm braided

We advise to choose the 3.5mm braided net, for example, the one offered by Vermont, since this net can not really get better in terms of quality. This type of netting is also used in Grand Slams, such as Roland Garros and Australian Open. If you want the net on your court to live a happy long life, choose 3.5mm braided type. This net also meets all official regulations set by ITF. Highly regarded manufacturers alongside Vermont are also Sportequip, Edwards, and Aoneky.

Wimbledon Headband

Tennis court net headband is also an important part of the net. While many low-quality nets tend to deteriorate because of the stitching holding the net to the headband, there is no such problem with the Wimbledon Headband. This white headband is remarkably durable, mainly because of its Polyester Canvas design. So – if you want your quality tennis net to make even better, choose this world-class element!

How to Choose Tennis Court Net Posts?

The tennis court net is always attached to two side posts that are placed outside of the court. The side posts are also accompanied by supportive sticks.

World-Class Quality

The life expectancy of tennis court net posts is 20 years. We advise you to choose the professional tennis posts made of premium-grade 76mm square steel, such as the ones offered by Vermont which guarantees you world-class durability. 

That kind of tennis posts are also in accordance with official ITF regulations which have allowed using the posts at the US Open. Inside the posts, a high-quality weather-resistant brass winder mechanism is included which will tension your net. In addition, the 14in ground sockets allow your posts to be 100% stable during use. We also recommend ProCourt and Edwards as the manufacturers of tennis net posts.

Tennis Court Net and Posts – Choose the Best!

By now you are probably better educated about the details of the tennis court net than any professional tennis player. Make the best decisions for you as well as your court! And don’t forget – all the help and instruction guides about the tennis net posts installation process are available on the TennisKit24 webpage.

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