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TennisKit24 Windscreen Installed on the Fence

Windscreen Enhances Your Playing Experience

So, you are a happy artificial grass tennis court owner now, and you can’t wait to start playing. However, some additional elements should be installed to your tennis court to guarantee the best playing experience possible. A crucial additional element is tennis court windscreen. But why’s that important? TennisKIt24 will give a short overview.

What Is Tennis Court Windscreen? 

The tennis court windscreen is made of a strong and durable fabric that is usually installed on the fence at both ends of the court. TennisKit24 recommends installing the necessary screens right after finishing the artificial grass tennis court construction. The screen serves many different purposes. Although the name of the product hints that the main point of the windscreen is to help reduce or deflect wind, it’s not the most important.

Namely, the screen creates a uniform background and provides a contrast with the tennis ball to help the players see the ball better. Furthermore, the windscreen helps to reduce the reflection of the sun’s glare off the items surrounding the court that could dazzle the players. 

Additionally, windscreen also plays an important role in creating privacy. It creates a separate world for the players inside the court, so the factors outside don’t start to disturb the game. If you want to achieve the maximum game experience as well as emotions, the windscreen will certainly help you to stay in the game better. 

The Color Options

The standard size of the windscreen is 2m x 18m, according to the size of the tennis court, and there is a variety of colors to choose from. The most common color is green because of its practicality, but if you want to make your court more personal or make it more adjusted to the neighborhood, it is possible to select different colors.

The windscreen is made of high-quality UV-resistant material, which ensures that the color doesn’t fade in the sun. This is the main reason we advise to choose a brighter color since it stays beautiful for long years.

TennisKit24 offers a variety of windscreen color options:

  • Green
  • Blue (3 different shades)
  • Orange
  • White
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Light Brown
  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple

Additionally, it is possible to print personal logos and messages on the windscreen, either for the design of your tennis court or for advertising purposes.

Why Should I Add Windscreen To My Tennis Court?

As mentioned before, the tennis court windscreen improves the game experience in various ways – it reduces wind, makes the background uniform, and creates privacy. Furthermore, it allows you to personalize the design of your garden or the environment where the tennis court is located. With a wide range of colors, you can add color to the overall landscape with windscreen, or, conversely, blend the screen into nature. 

Make your tennis court special and order a personally designed windscreen today! Contact us and see more HERE.

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