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4 Biggest Trends in Tennis Apparel in Summer 2021

Fashion has always been an essential part of tennis. All true tennis fans probably remember the fuss and attention regarding Andre Agassi’s legendary outfits. The white shorts and headband that always accompanied Björn Borg have also had a significant impact on today’s tennis fashion. If you are a tennis superstar, everyone watching the match will be making their tennis apparel orders when you walk on the court.

The significance of tennis fashion has not decreased but increased. Now, people are wearing tennis apparel even off the court. Besides, each more prominent tennis clothing company launches new collections for every grand slam, in addition to seasonal collections. With Roland Garros getting closer every day, it is important to know the trends. So what’s in for 2021? How to be fashionable this summer? TennisKit24 helps you out here.

1. Pleated Skirts

Ladies, this is something for you – a pleated skirt. These skirts have come to stay. This tennis apparel trend started to blossom already in the last season, but after the Australian Open 2021 and it’s beautiful new collections, the tennis community was sold. A pleated skirt is a must-have this summer – the trend is even taking over the world outside tennis.

2. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts work for both men and women. Wear a neatly tucked-in classic polo shirt just in time for Wimbledon, have some strawberries and cream, and here you go – a true tennis fan. P.S. Some of the most famous polo shirts are from Lacoste’s Roland Garros collection.

3. Bright Contrasting Colors

This trend probably does not surprise anyone. For the last 20 years, Nike has shown how to create the most brightly colored tennis apparel possible. However, lately, the trend is moving towards making unexpected combinations and using less popular colors together with the common ones. For example, in the Australian Open 2021, the Nike Women’s dress had an unusual combination of light brown, white, and black, and it was widely credited as one of the most stunning collections of all time.

4. Cutouts

The tennis apparel companies are testing boundaries with the cutouts, and everyone seems to love it. The trend regarding cutouts has reached a level where the bigger, the better. Garbiñe Muguruza wore a navy Adidas dress for the whole first part of 2021, and it had a dramatic back cutout, with almost half the back naked. Cutouts are also perfect for summer – since it’s warm already, why cover it with fabric? Besides, the cutouts make tennis players look dangerous, strong, and vigorous.

Perfect Outfits for Green and Red Tennis Courts – The Differences

1. Recommendations For a Green Tennis Court

When you are thinking about a green-colored tennis court, at least a glimpse of a scene of some Wimbledon match should come to your mind. As green is a pretty dominant color itself, the neutral colors, especially white, work the best on this court. Therefore, a classic outfit go-to could be white tennis apparel which symbolizes purity and respect for the game. For green court, we recommend a Wimbledon-styled look that never goes out of fashion. The trends above such as pleated skirts and polo shirts work here as well. However, you could also try some more brightly colored outfits, but keep in mind not to use green itself.

2. Recommendations For a Red Tennis Court

A red tennis court is not as demanding as a green tennis court. When the green court works best with neutral colors and is a perfect match to a white outfit, a red court, on the contrary, gives a great chance to wear some bolder and more bright-colored tennis apparel. The recommendation from us here to be fashionable for the time of Roland Garros could be – do not wear red itself as you will melt into court with this kind of outfit, but all the other colors in the spectrum work perfectly with a red court. As bright and contrasting colors is a vast and growing trend, you could try some unexpected combinations to impress your opponent even before you hit the first shot. Also, you could try cutouts as well. The key to the win of the match is in little things.

The Big Trendsetters in World’s Tennis Apparel

People in the world will make their tennis apparel choices based on what the top players wear inthe major tournaments. This is why tennis apparel sponsorships are so valuable and worth millions. For example, if you can make Roger Federer wear your apparel for an hour-long match at a Grand Slam, you could be a millionaire before the match ends. 

Who to keep an eye on to find the best tennis apparel examples? In women’s tennis, Serena Williams has acquired a status of an icon since she wears a Nike outfit specially designed for her at every Grand Slam. She has, for example, played in a tutu skirt and a one-legged catsuit. Her sister, Venus Williams, also has her own tennis apparel brand Eleven which has lately become very popular. Coco Gauff’s outfits are also fun to watch.

In men’s tennis, things are more straightforward compared to women. In general, only Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have their outfits personally designed for them; all the other men play in a set offered to them by their sponsor. To see how the men dress in the tennis world, you could watch one day’s matches at a Grand Slam, and you will have the overview. Alexander Zverev, Matteo Berrettini, Novak Djokovic – they all wear tennis apparel from different brands.

A Good-Looking Tennis Apparel Can Help You Win The Match!

Although, in the end, the skills matter the most, tennis apparel that makes you feel confident and unstoppable can help you believe in yourself and eventually win the match. Therefore, we advise you to keep up with the trends and make tennis even more enjoyable for yourself!

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