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Filming a girl playing tennis with a camera to get tennis tips from coaches.

Tennis Tips from the Best Players in the World

Imagine how your tennis would improve if you had world-class coaching and tennis tips from the best in the world?

A lot of players will watch YouTube videos in the hope of improving their tennis. While it can help fix some errors, there is a reason why the best players always have coaches. By watching online videos, you get the idea of how your shots should look but not what you are doing wrong and the exact mistakes you are making.

When you have a weak technique, it leads to poor performance, which can also lead to injury. There is a reason why your shots are not as powerful and as accurate as you want. Your technique is not right, you are making mistakes, and to fix it, you need coaching. TennisKit24 recommends everyone to at least start training with a proper coach! This will make your life easier and help you obtain the right technique.

Depending on your level, there are local coaches who can help, but it is often expensive. You must rely on their availability and your schedule to work together. Plus, once the lesson is over, you are back on your own, trying to remember what tennis tips you were just taught until your next lesson.

Even Pro Players Need Regular Coaching

All the top players have a coach – every one of them. Even though they are masters of the game, their coach are able to spot the small errors that can cost them the match. It is just like having another pair of eyes watching your performance and showing you what you are doing wrong. They also need regular coaching and tennis tips.

When you go to serve, are you throwing the ball correctly? Are you using the correct position? Could your footwork be improved?

What about your forehand or backhand? How fast and accurate are your returns? Do you want more topspin? Do you know what you are doing wrong? What about when you approach the net? Are you using your best shots? There are so many areas you can work on to improve each game you play.

How would you like to fix all of that by getting tennis tips from the best tennis coaches in the world?

Get Some Tennis Tips Online

There is now a new tennis platform called, where you can access some of the top players and coaches in the country. For example, Eric Hechtman who currently coaches Venus Williams, Illya Marchenko who is currently a Top 50 player, and Marc Pepin who has won 40 international titles and been ranked #1. They can help you right now.

It is easy. All you need to do is take your mobile to your local tennis court and record yourself playing tennis. It is best to record a few angles to give your coach a complete overview. Baseline, sides, and in front of the net is perfect (but many students do use just one view with great results).  Select your pro and upload your video. Within seven days you will get a detailed video back showing you the things you need to work on. They will identify the problems with your problematic element and show you how to fix them. You can then take the video with you to court next time to work on their suggestions.

Where else can you get the best players and coaches in the world to teach you tennis? is helping tennis players of all abilities improve their tennis by giving them access to world-class tennis players on demand and most local coaches. You get direct 1 to 1 feedback on your play and tennis tips, see how to improve and play better shots. Plus, you can take your training lesson anywhere.

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