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Blue Artificial Grass Surface Tennis Court Installed on a Beautiful Countryside

5 Benefits of Artificial Grass Tennis Court

Today, there is a variety of tennis court surfaces to choose from. Climate, geographical location, personal preferences, and other factors should be taken into account when making the decision. However, one of the best options is artificial grass that is specially produced for tennis courts. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular mostly because of the advantages of the material over other tennis court surfaces. So what are the benefits of artificial grass?

The Benefits of Artificial Grass: Why It Is The Best Choice for Your Tennis Court Surface

1. Healthy for the Body

One of the most important benefits of artificial grass is player-friendliness. Namely, the artificial grass is considered safer than the other alternative tennis court surfaces. It really is a body-friendly surface. Tennis can be a rough sport for your body sometimes, hence it is important to minimize the impact on players’ joints. 

For example, clay courts can cause injuries due to the movement of the clay material and hard courts can be tough on joints. Therefore, the softness of the artificial grass, on the contrary, helps to prevent injuries. It reduces stress to all your harmful spots such as ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

2. Low Construction Cost

Building a tennis court is an expensive project – everyone who has been through the process knows this. Another one among the benefits of artificial grass is the relatively low construction cost compared to other tennis court surfaces. Besides that, the artificial grass tennis court construction is easy since it consists of only two steps: the sub-base construction and the installation of artificial grass.

Read about the process of tennis court construction HERE.

3. Easy Maintenance

In addition to simple construction as one of the benefits of artificial grass, we have more good news. The maintenance of an artificial grass tennis courts does not require much time nor effort. The artificial grass needs more thorough maintenance only once a year before the season starts, in spring. Since artificial grass is fairly durable and weatherproof material, the general maintenance is also easy. Mainly, the court needs to be cleaned of leaves and trash.

4. Weather Resistance

As shortly mentioned in the previous point, weather resistance is also one of the benefits of artificial grass. The artificial grass tennis court suits well to most climates – the courts have found a home, for example, both in Irkutsk and Skopje which have very different conditions.

Artificial grass withstands the weather very well, tolerating rain, snow, and other difficult weather conditions. If the climate is always a problem for a clay court and grass court, it is not a concern in the case of an artificial grass tennis court.

Additionally, the artificial grass dries out quickly after the rain and is far less slippery in wet weather than other surfaces. This feature extends the playing hours and allows players to return to the court as soon as possible.

5. Design Variability

Artificial grass as a tennis court surface allows you to choose from a wide variety of colors. This important aesthetic advantage is also one of the benefits of artificial grass. While a normal clay court is usually red and a grass court always green, there are many possible options for artificial grass.

The color options are on the brighter side of the color spectrum because the high contrast with the tennis ball and the color of the court makes the small yellow ball much easier to spot.

TennisKit24 offers the best and most popular artificial grass tennis court color options in the world: 

  • Red / Summer-Green
  • Red / Green
  • Green / Summer-Green
  • Green / Green
  • Summer-Green / Summer-Green
  • Blue / Green

Read more about how to choose the color of your tennis court HERE.

Artificial grass – Yes, please!

If you desire an easy to maintain, body-friendly, and a high-quality tennis court that also has low construction costs, then the artificial grass is just for you! Check out the options offered by TennisKit24 HERE and order your court already today!

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Comments (2)

  • Luke Smith Reply

    I like that you mentioned how the maintenance of a synthetic grass tennis court does not require much time and effort. I was playing tennis last weekend and I remember chatting with the maintenance staff while I was resting. I was quite surprised to discover that we were actually playing on artificial grasses, which sounds quite convenient now that I think about it.

    20/07/2022 at 13:59

    This court is looking cool, I like natural grass court but now after reading this artificial grass court is not a bad option too ;)

    27/07/2020 at 14:34

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