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How to Choose the Right Artificial Grass Tennis Shoe

Selecting the right footwear for each tennis court surface is crucial. In terms of artificial grass tennis courts, the right tennis shoes are essential if you want to play well on that surface. The wrong shoe can do you a lot of damage and leave you more at risk of ending up with an injury. Furthermore, shoes can determine the fate of your match. Who would want to lose the game because of the wrong shoes! To avoid such situations, TennisKit24 is here to help you make the right choice.

Requirements for Artificial Grass Tennis Shoe

  • First of all, it is obligatory to wear the right footwear from the aspect of the artificial grass tennis court. Wearing the wrong shoes can damage the artificial grass surface and result in the replacement of the surface. 
  • The most suitable type for artificial grass tennis courts is usually the clay court shoe.
  • Generally, tennis shoes must support your ankle because you move more laterally than forward. Therefore, they are usually made of heavier and stronger materials compared to other athletic shoes. Additionally, the outsoles are durable and flat to prevent cases of tripping. This also allows the quick start and stop movements.
  • Your artificial grass tennis shoes need to have a good grip since the surface can sometimes be slippery. The slipperiness can be caused by a generous surface topping of infill sand or recent rain. For that reason, a good grip is important for allowing you to stop and change direction quickly, without slipping. Artificial grass court tennis shoes always have cross-directional or shallow herringbone treads.
  • Another important aspect of artificial grass tennis shoes is flexible upper. When you run forward towards the ball, the flexible upper makes sure your feet have the freedom and reduces the risk of injuries. For example, pinching injuries to your toes when stopping or changing direction rapidly. Also, choose an upper that has plenty of circulation holes and mesh panels. This allows the air to circulate through the shoe more. 

Artificial Grass Tennis Shoe – What to Choose?

The world of tennis shoes seems diverse. How to choose the best option? 

Tennis Warehouse offers a wide choice of tennis shoes for every court surface. However, in the case of artificial grass tennis shoes, we can give you our recommendations on Tennis Warehouse’s best-selling products.

  1. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

Nike Zoom Vapor X is an ideal option for players who value comfort and speed. The product is one of the most beloved shoes on the market. As said on their website, the Vapor X focuses on its comfortably responsive midsole. The outsole has been improved in durability in high-wear areas, offering lightweight responsiveness for the most aggressive players.

  1. Adidas Ubersonic

The shoe used by many Adidas’ sponsored touring pros offers an ultra-lightweight, fast, and “low-to -the-ground” feel. Keeps you connected to your movement as well as offers comfort and dynamic support. The upper material offers a soft, sock-like fit.

  1. Asics Gel Resolution 8

This shoe has been re-designed with a new upper, offering your foot better support and stability. The most sturdy and durable option from Asics was designed with input from Gael Monfils.

The Right Shoe Can Turn the Game Around!

As you probably know by now, choosing the right tennis shoe is crucial. The right shoe can decide the fate of the game and prevent you from getting bad injuries. We hope that you got some ideas for your next tennis shoe. See you on the court!

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