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How to Choose Tennis Court Net and Posts

The tennis court net is a crucial part of both the court and the game itself. Although the net is the least liked part of the tennis court for many players for understandable reasons, it is not possible to play tennis without the net. The tennis court net consists of two parts: the net itself and side posts.

Kid on a Red Artificial Grass Tennis Court Collects Tennis Balls into the Bucket

Tennis for Kids: 3 Reasons Why Your Kid Should Play Tennis

Tennis is a sport that can be practiced for a lifetime. Tennis has a lot of benefits that all contribute to your overall health and well-being. However, tennis for kids is especially useful in the matter of both the mental and physical development of our next generation. For that reason, we made a list of 3 reasons why your kids should play tennis.

Blue Artificial Grass Surface Tennis Court Installed on a Beautiful Countryside

5 Benefits of Artificial Grass Tennis Court

Today, there is variety of tennis court surfaces to choose from. Climate, geographical location, personal preferences and other factors should be taken into account when making the decision. However, one of the best options is artificial grass that is specially produced for tennis courts. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular mostly because of the advantages of the material over other tennis court surfaces. So what are the benefits of artificial grass?

A Drone Looking Down at an Outdoor Artificial Grass Tennis Court

How Much Does Artificial Grass Tennis Court Cost

A tennis court construction is a fun and exciting process. You will enjoy the process and see how your court gets ready before your eyes! In addition to immediate benefits, you can also rejoice over the fact that a tennis court will enhance the value of your property in the long term. However, there are plenty of things you need to consider before the construction itself can start. Perhaps the most important factor is the tennis court cost.

Padel Player Lays on the Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Padel Court – A Place to Spend Your Summer

Padel’s popularity in the world is growing. Many tennis players discover padel for themselves at some point and some padel fans also have a private artificial grass padel court at home. The secret to padel’s popularity lies mainly in its simplicity - padel is physically significantly less burdensome than tennis. Besides, the padel is not technically so demanding. Therefore, this game is suitable for people of almost any age.

TennisKit24 Windscreen Installed on the Fence

Windscreen Enhances Your Playing Experience

So, you are a happy artificial grass tennis court owner now, and you can’t wait to start playing. However, some additional elements should be installed to your tennis court to guarantee the best playing experience possible. A crucial additional element is tennis court windscreen. But why’s that important? TennisKIt24 will give a short overview.

Tennis ball on artificial grass

Building a Tennis Court: 3 Things to Consider

The idea of building a private tennis court sounds appealing to most tennis players. Who would not be delighted by the opportunity of being able to play on a court that is always available and waiting for you! However, some things need to be taken into account. TennisKit24 draws attention to three aspects that you should consider during tennis court construction planning.

A Woman with Tennis Racket Behind the Net Jumps Up

Practice Wall Can Be Crucial for Tennis

None of your friends have time for tennis? Don’t worry! There is a solution for every situation. A tennis practice wall can be your ideal, always available training partner. It never tires nor complains, and is always ready to help you become better. “My favorite opponent is the practice wall - he never misses,” has Jimmy Connors said. So, if Jimmy Connors likes the practice wall, why shouldn't you?



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