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US Open Tennis Championships Blue and Green Court

How to Choose the Color of Your Tennis Court

Selection of Tennis Court Color

So now you have made a life-changing decision – you are going to build yourself an artificial grass tennis court! Congratulations and welcome to the club! Although after the first joyful moments you might get a little bit confused about the diverse world of tennis court colors, don’t worry – we are here to guide you toward the tennis court of your dreams!

The selection of tennis court colors varies from the beginning of the color specter to the end, but TennisKit24 offers 6 best and most popular artificial grass tennis court color options in the world:

  1. Red / Summer-Green
  2. Red / Green
  3. Green / Summer-Green
  4. Green / Green
  5. Summer-Green / Summer-Green
  6. Blue / Green

It is essential to know that there are no differences in playing conditions between different colors – they all are equal, foot-friendly, and comfortable. The decision is entirely up to you and your preferences, feel free to choose a blue tennis court or red tennis court. However, there are certainly some things you should consider beforehand.

Environment Influences the Decision

The environment where your new artificial grass tennis court is going to be built is the most crucial aspect to consider when it comes to choosing the color. Depending on what the area around the tennis court looks like, the colors of the court can influence outlook remarkably. Therefore, it is essential to choose colors wisely.

In the case of a small garden, the best option for you would probably be the green/green combination. Mostly because this will make the area seem bigger and add more green “nature” to the garden.

But on the other hand – when the tennis court will be built inside a big, lush territory, choosing a red or blue playing area would be the way to go for to add contrast and color to the dull green.

It Just Caught My Attention!

All the options TennisKit24 offers are on the bright side of the color specter. The brightness of different artificial grass tennis courts will immediately catch attention. It enhances the court and creates a “wow!” effect, especially blue tennis court as a good example of the bright color. Therefore, making the right decision is crucial, as the color of the court will be the first thing that people notice about it. Indeed, the attractiveness of the court will inspire people and create the urge in them to pick up their rackets.

Furthermore, bright, intense colors are not essential for just the aesthetic part of the court. It is remarkably more comfortable to see the small yellow tennis ball when the contrast created between the colors of the ball and the court is drastic.

The Color of the Pro Courts

We all know the outlook of the courts of four Grand Slams – the classic green Wimbledon, the brick-red Roland Garros and the two slightly different blue tennis courts – Australian Open and US Open. As you can see, all the primary colors used in Grand Slam courts are offered by Tenniskit24 as well. Although the color combinations of the Grand Slam courts seem to be written in stone, there has been an enormous shift from the ubiquitous historical green court – most pro courts are nowadays blue.

But the color of the tennis court is not “just blue” – the specter of the blue has numerous variations. Light blue and dark blue, Australian Open blue, China Open blue, Olympic blue, and so on – the opportunities can make your head spin. While the amount of options seems a lot and confusing as well, the reason of the popularity of blue pro tennis courts is quite simple – as the blue and purple colors are almost 180 degrees contrast from yellow, it becomes easy to see the ball for everyone, the players, the referee, and the audience.

Now you have got to know the main aspects of the world of tennis court colors. Choose wisely and make the tennis court of your dreams come true! TennisKit24 artificial grass tennis courts are made for play!

Red and Green Tennis Courts with Fencing and Lightning
Red and Green Tennis Courts with Fencing and Lightning

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  • Alice Carroll Reply

    Thanks for the tip that a greed tennis court can make a garden look bigger. I’m planning to hire a tennis court construction service soon because I recently bought a property that has a huge empty space outside of the house. I think being able to play sports there when I have friends over would be a good way to utilize that space.

    25/06/2020 at 02:46

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