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Artificial Grass TennisKit Is Just Perfect

Here’s Why an Artificial Grass Tennis Court is an Outstanding Choice  

When it comes to building a tennis court, it’s vital to choose the most suitable surface for athletes to play on. Of course, one should also consider certain aspects in the decision-making process such as climate and geographic location, maintenance, personal preferences from players, and how frequently will they use the court. In some cases, artificial grass TennisKit is the one that suits best.  

What are the Advantages of Artificial Grass Tennis Courts?  

Artificial grass allows players to interact with the tennis court all year long or at least from early spring to late autumn, depending on where it’s located. There’s no need to worry much in case of rain, as the court dries quickly and is ready to use in just a few hours.  

It is also a treat for athletes as feet bump a lot less than they do on a hard court. You might even call it “foot-friendly”. That is precisely why artificial grass courts are a great fit for everyone, from recreation players to professionals, from kids to seniors. Practicing on artificial grass alleviates the feet and joints since it gives them less stress.  

If you want to talk about money, well, these courts’ maintenance costs are relatively low. Besides full maintenance that needs to be done for the first time in spring, there are no other significant operations to plan during the season. This complete maintenance process includes machine brushing the court to remove moss and trash, and perhaps it could need new in-fill sand.  

Artificial grass courts keep costs low not only with maintenance but also with construction costs when you compare them to other surfaces. These courts fit reconstructions as they can be built from asphalt and hard courts as long as they are in a suitable condition.  Artificial grass TennisKit is just perfect for the rebuilding of old clay courts after specific renovation needs are fulfilled. 

So, in case you have no idea what exactly is an artificial grass TennisKit… let me explain.  

Artificial Grass TennisKit  

Let’s start saying that it is a synthetical grass cover that acts as one of the most popular tennis court surfaces nowadays. Though you can order bigger than a standard kit from the factory or cut the existing package into something smaller, the standard tennis kit size is 18,27 x 36,57 meters. However, most would recommend having a court with standard measurements.  

TennisKits come in different colors which you can take a look at here. Nevertheless, it is wise to know that the red and green combination with white lines is the most common since it helps to notice the playing area a lot easier.  

The manufacturer sells artificial grass TennisKit with clue and tape included and installers will have to cut it later to fit the right dimensions. Pieces are connected when glued together using a special tape, with most white playing lines already woven in the factory. The installation of artificial grass, which is filled with dry and round-grain quartz sand, takes about 4 or 5 working days. That is if you don’t take into consideration the sub-base construction, of course.  

When it comes to TennisKits, you should take into consideration grass. As logic dictates, grass with a lower blade means a better court in both terms of quality and game performance. The best available height of the blade right now is 10mm. It’s low and thick, but also curly, a feature that guarantees smoothness and durability.  

If you’d like to take a peek, head to, where you’ll find a wide range of TennisKits, most of them certified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).  

What are the Main Aspects when Planning a Tennis Court  

Today, there is a choice between various covers and structures for building a tennis court. One of the most popular options is the artificial grass made especially for tennis courts. When planning Your own court You might find some ideas by reading TennisKit24 guidelines “How To Make A Tennis Court”.

Planning a tennis court must start from the sub-base since it enables the playing surface to maintain decent quality. Artificial grass has to be installed on a crushed stone base covered with grit or drainage asphalt and, sometimes, a mechanism to drain water.  

There’s one more thing you might take into account, and almost nobody thinks of it at first: a fence. Yes, a fence. It’s a great idea to build a good-quality fence around the tennis court to prevent balls from getting outside. Also, if you worry about the players’ focus, adding a windscreen on the fence is also advisable.  

Players need practice too, right? That’s why we suggest installing a tennis wall to widen the court’s functionality. Hit the ball too low or too high; the parabolic format of the tennis wall will bounce the balls back into the athlete’s racket.  

Summing Things Up  

We all need to work out both for our mental and physical well-being. Any exercise beats no exercise, but tennis rocks indeed! The sport is considered one of the best because as an addition to the physical work, it includes benefits in your social life and networking. It is also quite fun. Therefore, a tennis-court at home or in the community is a great way to bring people together and provide positive effects to everyone involved.  

Get an artificial grass TennisKit here and enjoy this magnificent sport. 

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